We all endeavor to cultivate a high-performance work culture in a professional context. However, regardless of size, context, or culture, a high-performing team and work culture must be built on Innovation. Exceptional leaders use new ideas to establish a successful business in this respect. Therefore, inspire and think very innovatively to collect ideas, convert them into reality, and foster an ongoing innovation culture. 

I love the quote from Steve Jobs, “Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity” –not a threat

The type of Innovation you select is determined by your company’s ability to receive ideas, organize actions, and implement change. Five different styles of Innovation:

  1. Disruptive Innovation – flips the established order on its head quickly. Disruptive Innovation is the process by which a smaller company with fewer resources can successfully compete against established incumbents.
  2. Cumulative Innovation – is revolutionary and implemented in phases. “Cumulative innovation” is a platform for existing product, service, process, organization, or approach whose performance has been significantly improved.”
  3. Open Innovation – enables everyone in your organization to add their thoughts. Create unique Challenges to help you focus your thoughts within a time limit. This can help you focus your thoughts and extract your true worth.
  4. Innovation, a Funnel for Creativity – Some individuals associate innovation management systems with dark caverns. Through an innovation funnel, impractical and incorrect ideas are filtered away and kept the best for planning, pricing, and development to implementation.
  5. Continuous Innovation – is defined as the ongoing, steady evolution that occurs in our activities, processes, and creations. Keep an eye out for the word ‘gradual.’ ‘Gradual’ creates exceptional products and services, not one-offs.

Eventually, the innovation cycle is repeated by creating a new method, product, service, or business model that adds value to the company.

Which Innovation style or set of innovation styles do you think are most important for enterprises in the current time? Leave your feedback and Vote in the comments sections.