Dear Readers, 

Some of you reached out asking for my secret recipe for being a successful Tech Leader. As a Tech leader, my approach has been to provide my clients with the best advice and add value to their career, brand, and journey. In this week’s ‘Letter from My Desk‘, I share five strategies that helped me be an empowering technology leader. 

1.Align personal values with the Organization values: Aligning your values with the company’s core values results in building great relationships and helps you gain trust. This leads to a better understanding of problems, conflicts, and things that matters; ultimately, to find the right fit-for-purpose solution. 

2. Use Technology to solve business problems. Don’t sell just because you got a solution.

3. Be transparent about goals and shared success: It’s crucial to have a transparent conversation on establishing shared goals and defining what success looks like. Open discussions help understand the big picture, motivation for others, and the value of each intermediate step in the overall success journey.

4. Active Listening and build a community: Communities are a compelling way to drive consistent execution. Knowing who in the network is the best expert is more important than knowing everything yourself. Promote cross-group collaboration for boundary-less knowledge sharing, new Technology & business trends, and challenges. Be in Active Listening mode (nature gave us two ears & one mouth). 

5. Track progress, Own failures, and share the success: Track the progress of all initiatives and always look for continuous improvement. Always take ownership of your mistakes and failed initiatives but share the credit of success with the team. 

Please share your suggestions/strategies to help one be an empowering Tech leader. 

Sincerely yours, 

Gaurav Aggarwal