Dear Readers, 

It is not easy being a leader; it is a role that requires experience, patience, urgency, and impact at the same time to understand the root cause of the issues deeply. Leaders with a strong strategy can inspire employees to look ahead to the greater good and to work as a team with a common goal in mind. A leader must acknowledge that every interaction, be it with an employee, with a group, should have a suited approach depending on the challenge or situation

As a leader, I understand the importance and difficulties of maintaining balance and constantly adjusting your leadership style to benefit everyone. Hence, in this week’s ‘Letter from My Desk,’ I share four leadership paradoxes that’ll help you make correct decisions and effectively lead your team

  1. Create urgency with patience: Leaders should create a balance between now, soon, and later. They should recognize the need to slow down to bring each member of the team together and move ahead to achieve the target quickly. 
  2. Bring positivity in realistic approaches: Leaders need to be optimistic about the plans and goals they’ve laid out for the organization, but it is equally crucial for them to be transparent about the challenges ahead to simplify the team’s journey and bring positivity. 
  3. Analyze the situation and then act: Successful leaders can read the room at all levels of the organization. They recognize the issue through the team’s body language, tone of voice, and energy and then take action to resolve it. 
  4. A mix of freedom and structure: Leaders must create a certain amount of chaos to help employees brainstorm some great ideas. But, along with that, leaders should also learn when to take back the control and redirect the structured workflow. 

I hope these hallmarks will help you lead your organization in the right direction. Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions on these leadership paradoxes.

Best Regards,

Gaurav Aggarwal