Dear readers,

In this new digital world, each industry is evolving at a very high pace. With this evolution, leaders
are not only required to run but completely transform an organization. Sometimes, this evolution
creates a crowded agenda. That’s where transformational leadership comes into play.
Transformational leadership is a leadership style in which leaders encourage employees to
innovate and create change for the company’s future success. In this week’s “Letter from my
desk,” I am sharing five traits of a transformational leader.

1. Visionary: Transformational leaders can identify the right direction for their organization
to be successful within their sector. They can recognize even the most minute-level details
that can make or break their company.

2. Team First Attitude: Transformational leaders move forward by engaging all team
members. They understand the value of their employees and leverage emotional
intelligence to drive productivity and collective performance.

3. Balanced Risk-Taking: Transformational leaders realize that balanced risk-taking is a crucial
part of their work. Therefore, they focus on risk management by opting for flexible options
and controlling the apparent risks.

4. Creativity and Curiosity: Transformational leaders use their curiosity rather than their
intelligence to drive innovation. They creatively use their curiosity to create new solutions
and simplify complex problems.

5. Simplicity: Transformational leaders communicate concisely to explain their ideas and
vision. They know that simplicity is essential for both the team and leaders to eliminate
any confusion or misunderstandings.

What are your observations about the transformational leadership style? Let me know your
views in the comment section.

Best Regards,