Dear readers, 

A strong strategy provides a roadmap to businesses that helps them pursue the right direction to achieve their goals. But many times, leaders emphasize only defining strategy which results in implementation failures. 

It is imperative for leaders to understand that strategic planning solely cannot lead an organization towards success. That’s why implementation is more critical than a strategy for the company to become successful in the long run. So, in this week’s ‘Letter from My Desk,‘ I share five nudges that’ll help you ease the transition from formulation to implementation.

  1. Stay Focused on Strategy / Plan Execution: Organizing separate meetings that focus on strategy implementation will remove the distraction from the plan and make the implementation a clear priority. This shift can be easily achieved by scheduling meetings that only focus on problem-solving and improving the strategy implementation process. 
  2. Reinforce Positive Intent: Use if/then / What-If scenario exercises, crowdsource ideas, engage them for risk mitigation, and help the team build a problem-solving/implementation mindset. This will increase the productivity of your team and enable them to complete their tasks quickly. 
  3. Create a sense of urgency: Establish KPI scorecard and Timelines, Talk about competition, Time to Market. Creating a sense of urgency or crisis will increase your team’s desire to implement. In addition, it will put your team under pressure to provide solutions on priority which will ultimately lead them to focus only on implementation. 
  4. Define the Success: Tell a story of genuine human impact. Define What’s in it for everyone. Regularly highlighting the final objective will help transition from strategizing to implementation and increase the desire to get things done as soon as possible. 
  5. Celebrate micro-wins / milestones: Celebrate micro-wins and establish Rewards and recognition to motivate employees. Celebrating micro-wins will inspire and encourage employees to focus more on implementation. In addition, the celebration of small victories will reinforce the rewards of achievement.

I hope you find these nudges helpful. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions on this in the comment section. 

Best Regards,