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If you’re someone as passionate about Technology & solving complex business problems as I am, then you’ve landed at the correct spot. Come join me on a journey to open up a new world of possibilities!


In the last 10 years, I have helped transform lives of more than 600+ professionals, accelerating their journey from Consultant to Solution Architect and Technology Leaders.

Excited to announce my new chapter with Onix!

As the Senior Vice President, Global Lead - Solutions Engineering, I'll be spearheading the strategic direction and engineering of innovative solutions.

My palette? At Onix, I find a vibrant and dynamic environment for crafting solutions that are not only customer-centric but also cutting-edge, utilizing the diverse and robust capabilities of Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS.

This is more than a career move; it's a commitment to be part of a team that values collaboration, expertise, and lasting relationships. Here, we don't just implement technology; we empower teams and drive business value through Cloud technology, Data Modernization, GenAI infused Digital Products & services, Workspace transformation, Security and Industry expertise.

Embracing Onix's values of Trust, Passion, Leadership, Agility, and Customer Obsession, I'm ready to contribute to our vision of being the most trusted cloud consulting partner worldwide.

Looking forward to painting this canvas with innovative solutions alongside a talented team. Here's to a future of groundbreaking achievements and technological excellence at Onix ! I'm excited to start my new job!

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